Hunting Association of Ireland
Photo © Noel Mullins

The Hunting Association of Ireland

The HAI is the national body, which coordinates and promotes hunting with hounds. It comprises six constituent and autonomous bodies, which represent and control the six hunting disciplines active in Ireland.

About the HAI

Hunting with hounds is a tradition in Ireland that goes back to ancient times and features strongly in Celtic literature and legend, but never in our history has hunting been so popular. In twenty-first century Ireland as many as 300,000 people from every walk of life, between the years of 8 and 80, participate in some form of the sport. It is quite common to find three generations of a family hunting together.

HAI works for everyone who loves the countryside and the rural way of life. Through campaigning, lobbying, publicity, and education the Association influences legislation and public policy that impacts on the countryside, rural people, and their activities.

The six constituent bodies are:

  • The Irish Foot Harriers Association;
  • The Irish Masters of Harriers Association;
  • The Irish Masters of Foxhounds Association;
  • The Irish Masters of Beagles Association;
  • The Irish Masters of Mink Hounds Association;
  • The Ward Union Staghounds.